I am committed to making District 11 a
safer, smarter, and cleaner community
for all of our stakeholders.


A safer District 11 means:

  • Increasing police patrols in District 11.
  • Building strong community partnerships with police officers.
  • Expanding program offerings to support our most at-risk citizens.
  • Requesting an additional Zone to improve service delivery in Southwest Atlanta.
  • Reducing the number of blighted areas in the district.


A smarter District 11 means:

  • Working to strengthen the Neighborhood Planning Unit Program.
  • Forming public/private “Partnerships for Change.”
  • Expanding job training and small business development opportunities.
  • Creating “Common Ground” partnerships among/between neighborhoods/businesses.
  • Promoting “LIVE, WORK, PLAY” Robust Communities.
  • Establishing a Street Improvement Plan to repair/install roads, sidewalks, storm drains and other Infrastructure amenities.


A cleaner District 11 means:

  • Requiring more frequent street cleanings/bulk/litter pick-up services.    
  • Organizing and supporting litter reduction programs.
  • Enforcing City of Atlanta Housing/Building Codes.
  • Using high surveillance systems to identify/prosecute illegal dumping in District 11.

Vote for me and together we will make District 11 the
"beloved community" it was envisioned to be.

Together, we can continue to move District 11 forward.